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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  September 13, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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there is bill clinton. flights all sorts of politicians. there is barack obama. you name them, they are in town. well, except for hillary clinton, of course, she's still on bed rest but we have donald trum in our city. we have president of the united states in the city. we have gary johnson, libertarian candidate in our studio, lot going on. police say a chase leads to a deadly crash in south jersey. what we have learned about the crash so far this morning. septa suffers another setback, oh, no, why this could lead to to more overcrowded cars, this morning. straight up 6:00 o'clock. i will say it again. it the is tuesday, right. >> yes. >> everybody with me. >> yes. we have so many big time people in town.
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>> yes. >> motorcade madness. >> yes. >> it is another ten today. >> yes. >> three in a row. >> we will ruin it tomorrow, of course but is there bus stop buddy celebrating national fortune cookie day. we will be cracking a few of our own, coming up we are off to a nice start with temperatures in the 50's and 60's at philly international it is 64 degrees. higher humidity then yesterday but very pleasant. sunrise official at 6:41. fifty-one in mount pocono. lancaster 57 degrees. the wrightstown 51. fifty-five atlantic city. sixty-three in dover. tremendous tuesday, mix of sun and cloud and a high of 85 degrees. we will tell you about how long it will stick around in a few moments, bob kelly, how are we doing. >> good morning. we have an accident on i-95 southbound right here at ridley here. we have a vehicling on the left side, tractor trailer on the ride, heading south be
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ready for delays into delco. looking live, vine street expressway, we are stack up here trying to get over to 30th street. center city is a hot mess with the presidential visit. here's the deal 7:00 a.m. the detours kick n anyone coming in on the kelly drive will be pushed off to fairmount avenue and in the neighborhood. coming in the the martin luther king drive or spring garden you will be pushed over to the vine expressway. eakin oval is hot spot there will be in access from the parkway all the way up to and in front of the art museum steps beginning at 7:00 o'clock this morning. the event is not until 1:45 this afternoon. regional rail system again pack your patient this is morning. i just talk to septa. they said 14 of the 18 cars were actually in service, but they don't expect any delays. you can't have it both ways. when we have 18 cars it helped and then when we lose 18 cars
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it will not impact us. there will be some delays, today on the regional rail lines. so be ready. i say it is work from home day, mike and alex, back over to you. >> then i'm out of here. let's do it. this is not my home. >> it might as well be our home here. >> i have slept here before. so all that stuff that he just said lets see what dave kinchen is saying because he is at the oval. >> where the president will be. >> hi dave. >> the outside oval office i guess you can call this, how about that is this that is what this will be later today eakin oval. you can see city trucks and set up crews in addition to philadelphia police cars providing the security in place at this time. what we can see. this event will be opened to the public, but hillary clinton campaign asking people to rs vp on line. president obama will rally with supporters with hillary clinton taking time off to
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recover from pneumonia. this is video of them together at dnc in july right here in philadelphia. this will be the president's first time campaigning for hillary clinton on his own which is a rare situation in presidential politics. clinton's campaign says obama will talk about high steaks in this election. there will be a major voter registration push and considered key for clinton/kaine ticket to win the keystone state. clinton is leading in pennsylvania by nearly six points in the real clear politics average of polls. the as we come back out here live this event is set to start at 1:45 when president obama will be speaking but doors will be opening up at 11:15. people can line up and see the president speak this afternoon. >> is that sky fox over you, is that secret service, police, other tv stations, what the in the heck going on? is that your private chopper. >> it could be sky fox, it is
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hard to make out right now. it is hard to see. >> there will be a chopper over the art museum all day long once the president shows up. >> will it be a big crowd. >> i think so. >> thousands of people. >> watch out for that. donald trump is in our area too. he will be in aston delco for a private meeting at the aston community center. that event is scheduled for 7:30 tonight. we know that donald trump will have some sort of policy discussion with stake holders down there. county officials say they are working on having a public trump event, next week. so he may be back within seven days. lets get to this store friday overnight in hamilton township, new jersey, police involved chase end in a deadly accident. >> investigators say it happened right near a busy intersection and steve keeley is near that scene with the very latest. >> reporter: broad street reopened, case far from closed here in hamilton township
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mercer county just outside new jersey capitol city. police police department have have strict policies that call off any police pursuits except in extreme violent crime cases. calling them off for traffic stops or non-violence, dangers because high speed chase itself can be and quickly turn into an immediate danger. so often after police peel off ape call off a pursuit the getaway vehicle will still speed and drive recklessly. here's video number one. the this is our ground shot video. we don't know yet what exactly happened that ended so violently here with the death it seems of an innocent driver, hit broadside on broad street passenger side with enough force to kill the young female driver. the officers out here today so that this black honda accord four door was dewho willished and even though air bags deployed still not enough to get a large speeding suv.
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here's video number two, immediate aftermath, shot by sky fox and really too dark to make out heavy front end damage to the suv. chevy trailblazer, too early still to get facts from the mercer county prosecutor's office on this case, where and why it began. we know it how it ended, where it shows even if you have green light that doesn't mean that you are not going to get killed and get hit. alex and mike. >> that is for sure, always dangerous. 6:07. >> car accident in cobbs creek send six people to the hospital, a vehicle slammed into several parked cars and then overturn on sansom and 59th street around 11:15. people inside were taken to hahnemann hospital. the extent is not known at the time and in word what caused the crash. police are searching for a man wanted for shooting two women around 11:30 they responded to north 15th and west huntington street.
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this morning both women are in stable condition at the hospital no word what led to that shooting. another setback for septa that bob was talking about regional rail system, just repair train cars that have return to the track are now back in the shop. weekend inspection found thates in 18 silver liner five train cars that had just been repaired and some will return to the track after a previous defect this summer. defects found by engineers earlier this summer took out 120 have of those cars. ryan lochte's first performance on dancing with the the stars will never be forgotten but not for his dancing, what happened last night that caused the snow abruptly cut to a commercial break, we will play it for you. blame bubble wrap how popular packaging material led to a will be down on three local college campuses.
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it is 6:10. school officials are saying that a student at valley forge military academy the two right thing by calling 911 yesterday when she thought that she heard gunshots. it turns out there was someone popping bubble rap. >> police lock down the campus after the student called 911 saying that she heard gunshots. investigators say they found no weapons or evidence of the shots being fired. they say the noise was, that
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she heard was likely someone just popping bubbles. >> cadet and students are train if they feel uncomfortable or unsafe to notify authorities and that is exactly what they d while we can laugh bit now it is good thing we are able to laugh and there was no situation or threat they can place on either campus. >> lock down was lifted and school returned to normal operations after an hour and a half. welshing colin kaepernick taking his national anthem protest to the national stage last night, on monday night football. he and a teammate took a knee. ryan lochte is making headlines for his first performance on dancing with the stars. but not the for dancing. strange interruption that caused the show to cut to commercial.
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he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. sage. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump.
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pearle vision has been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier. right now, buy one pair of glasses, and get another pair free. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. we wanted to show you our new tropical storm, even they its impact will be negligible, on anyone in the east coast. tropical storm ian in the middle of the atlantic ocean. here's the west part the track of the storm. is there the east coast of the united states. here's where the storm is going. it is not even a threat to bittle old bermuda there.
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ian can stay where he is. next couple names we have no storms in the offing, julia, karl and lisa will be next would be if we get the anymore this season. nothing to show you on radar. just a few clouds. pretty nice. looking at future cast we were telling you yesterday about the cold front coming through tomorrow night. you see north and west of the city we have a couple of showers showing up here but for the most part they will dissipate and we don't get rain that we could actually use out of this cold front. we will feel a big difference. tonight another beautiful night, lets hope we will get another win with the pirate. phillies play at 7:05, 7:12 is your official sunset time nice evening with 80 degrees for first pitch. seven day forecast 85 is our high. ninety-one tomorrow. this is just one day of temperatures in the 90's and the high humidity because by thursday, after at information mentioned cold front comes through it will feel different
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with a high of only 79 degrees, sunny and nice on friday, get some extra included on saturday and maybe is rain on sunday maybe even a thunderstorm with another cold front we will see what happens with that at the end of the weekend, bob kelly. >> sue, good morning everybody. 6:16. an accident on the schuylkill expressway, two tractor trailers and at least one car here, live look eastbound. here's girard avenue ramp between girard and syringe garden, they have rescue squad pulling up here. there is only far left lane opened, it the is eastbound on the schuylkill with only that within lane opened coming into downtown. stacked up, already on i-95 south coming from cottman to downtown. it the will be a hot mess coming in the city because of the presidential visit, 7:00 o'clock detours go into effect. anyone coming in on the kelly drive will be push off at fairmount and in the neighborhood. anyone coming on the martin luther king or spring garden interchange will be push off automatically on to 676.
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there will be no access to the art museum circle, eakins oval and town the parkway. that will cause a mess. everyone will be blocked up. late getting in or using that schuylkill expressway as an option. regional railcar, septa says here's bottom line fewer cars on all of the lines expect crowded trains and delays, like we're back to square one when silver liner cars went back out of service. grab jumbo coffee and allow extra time for morning rush hour. mike and alex, back to you. >> i know they had two games last night on the monday night football, 11 didn't start until after 10:00 o'clock. at the beginning of the game san francisco quarterback colin kaepernick back in the spotlight after kneeling with the teammate during a national anthem. listening there. >> ♪ >> during the team season opener with the los angeles rams, by the way, they have a horrible team, kaepernick with
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his teammate eric reid refused to stan. kaepernick says it is move of treatment of black people and people of color in the united states. kenney brit and rob quinn who lay for l.a. rams held up their fists. meanwhile the superintendent of the catholic schools in camden says any student athletes who refuse to stand for the national anthem will be suspended this weekend wood row wilson high school, a public school in camden, made headlines, after the coaches and all but two players need as the anthem played. spokesperson for the public schools says that they respect their students exercising our country's first amendment right but camden's catholic school is saying last night that quote unquote we are not public institutions and free speech in all of its demonstrations including protests is not a guarantee right. what to you think. let's find out what happened
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to ryan lochte last night. >> are we ensure? my goodness we didn't get to see what happened on camera you could hear it a bit. >> you could. >> he was involved in drama, first night to dance, everybody wanted to see it. >> he had his hair slick back. tuxedo on it is serious with your hair slicked back. >> so chris movie what i happened. dance was fine. what happened. >> well... >> it was during his tans. we will show it to you. we have a different angle coming up. the judges were about to give their opinions about the performance when two people rush the stage trying to get to him. take a look at this. >> excuse me, hey, back off. hey, excuse me, excuse me. >> all right. >> it was off, but it looked like it was during. they interrupted the live show and eventually they went to commercial. two men wearing anti lochte t-shirts were arrested for this incident. lochte says he feels a little hurt after this incident.
6:20 am
eddie mosts has this video on instagram. different angle. security grabbing the two attackers on the floor and arresting him. it turns out they didn't do any harm after lochte was okay and people on twitter had all kind of fun. this twitter using joking pot incident in rio saying did ryan lochte get fake robbed again? this one reads brazilian taxi driver just attack ryan lochte on dancing with the stars asking for his tip. >> oh, geese glow is all right. >> but he what's motional, backstage and almost cried. >> it the has to be scary. >> i'm sure someone rushing you. >> yeah. >> but everybody is okay. >> we will play more and get your reaction as the show continues. 6:20. thanks, chris. he is other guy in the presidential race and he has made headlines in recent weeks, libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson, in our studios this morning. we will talk with him.
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let's talk about how impressed, coach pederson was. >> for him to have that kind of of poise in the pocket, in his first start and only having four series throughout the entire training camp you just can't teach that. the patients he had to let receiver come open. monday night football, washington against steelers, big ben taking on washington redskins. it is anton ohio brown for the touch town. he had eight catches for 126-yard and two touchdowns, steelers get the win, 38-15. phillies coming off a three game losing streak taking on pirates. here he has his second major league baseball game, first hit and rbi. phillies win six-two. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. sean was asleep by the time this game ended.
6:25 am
second game of the monday night football last night. former eagles coach chip kelly, who hiss him, making his day but last night against the rams. well, chip's team looked darn impressive against the bad team the rams. they ended up winning 28 to nothing. chip did the same thing when he made his debut with the eagles, remember that, getting an impressive win over washington redskins on monday night football, that was three years ago. we all know how you that turned out, for the chipper and the eagles. boy, bad news for zach ertz, and man, remember that catch he made that one handed grab? well, that is when he got hurt on that play, on this spectacular catch did he in the get the hurt but he is really hurt. coach doug pederson says that
6:26 am
zach is week to week, listen to this listen how he described the ribry displaced rib. >> he didn't playing. >> he played the whole game. >> yes. >> he is tough. >> displaced ribs. >> i haven't heard about a displaced rib since the garden of eden. coach pederson says it happened in the first quarter, he was originally diagnosed with the left shoulder strain but they discovered no, it was worse. his status for monday night verse the bears is quite unclear at this point. 6:26. >> browns quarterback robert griffin the third has been placed the injured reserve after getting hurt in the fourth quarter on sunday. he will miss at least eight games some say it could be a season ending injury. i'm assuming it is when he hitter his shoulder and strange hit and it looks like, it just looked bad, they played it multiple times, yeah, right there. his arm looked like he was
6:27 am
dangling, walking back, with his arm down by his side. >> did he another throw. he fell down. >> not good for him. >> he has had bad luck with injuries. >> he sure has. dave and steve with teases. >> reporter: president obama will be in philadelphia at eakin oval and crews are setting up here but police providing some security we will tell you what the president will say on behalf of hillary clinton but first here's steve. >> reporter: already a violent week in the capitol city of trenton. we are just outside trenton and site of the dangling telephone pole there in the main intersection tells you something awful happened here. as prosecutors, we checked out pat toomey's record...
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senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. in a half an hour are morning commute will be affect by these politicians. president obama is returning to philadelphia helping campaign for hillary clinton. he won't be here until this afternoon until about 1:00 but your morning commute could be impact because in 30 minutes they will shut down kelly drive, in certain areas, around the art museum. >> we're following developing story in new jersey police pursuit end in the deadly crash we are following it as it unfold this is morning. the ncaa is changing its tournament location, why the college organization says that it will not host its the biggest tournament, in north carolina good day it is
6:31 am
september 132,016th. >> so yesterday, it felt amazing. >> that means it was a ten. >> it was. can you have two, ten's in a row. >> sure, it makes 20. >> do we have a 20. >> i might go 30 because sunday was a ten. we were not here but bus stop buddy even has a giant fortune cookie for today because it is national fortune cookie day. we have sunrise. it the is temperatures in the the 50's and 60's, so enjoy your way to the the bus stop. uncomfortable there. sixty-four in the city. all of those sunrise time 6:41, calm wind, warmer then yesterday. but not uncomfortable at all. 55 degrees in allentown. reading has 57. fifty-five atlantic city. sixty-two in wilmington. fox cast today has a high of 85 degrees. another warm one. slightly warmer then yesterday. sixty-eight is our overnight low. so that takes care of today, and we have got a roller
6:32 am
coaster ride bob kelly in our seven day forecast, strap in. >> that roller coaster is not going anywhere right the now. we're shut down on the schuylkill expressway all eastbound lanes, closed at girard avenue. an accident involving two tractor trailers and there is a vehicle right here wedged between the tractor trailer and that guardrail, concrete guardrail, you have philly fire fighters, emergency crews on the scene all east bound lanes are closed, 50 minutes from conshohocken to downtown. there is a gaper delay leaving town and that is causing a backup on the vine expressway, bumper to bumper over to the schuylkill. what we have been talking about as mike just mentioned in a half an hour detours will start. 7:00 o'clock, kelly drive will be closed at fairmount park. you you will be push on fairmount avenue in the neighborhood.
6:33 am
martin luther king and spring garden streets pushed through automatically on the vine street expressway. basically no access from the art museum circle, eakins oval all the way on the parkway where the presidential visit will set up. this is not until 1:15 this afternoon but this morning we will feel effects of the detour. the here's a live look at the setup on the parkway, eakins oval right here. traffic is moving around in front of the steps, but that will go in shut down mode in a half an hour. anyone who use drive or parkway in the city, that is closure that will close in effect in a half an hour. on top of that if you want to use mass transit system market frankford, the subway way to go because septa says those 18 cars pulled back out of service, there are definitely fewer cars on all of the lines. expect crowded trains and delays today on the regional rail lines, mike and alex, back over.
6:34 am
6:33. high speed chase overnight end in the fatal accident in hamilton township new jersey. >> twenty-four year-old woman, innocently driving her honda gets killed. investigators say it happened near busy intersection, in that town where steve is, steve. >> reporter: yeah, broad and park right on the line between hamilton township and trenton and you can see sunnies up and so is the top half still of that utility pole snapped in two still hanging and still attached to the streetlight with the new replacement pole put in the ground but not yet attached to the wires and streetlights just so they can get the main drag broad street reopen. you can see busy, very fast traffic on this road as well. now road here reopened up at 5:00 shut down just past ten when in video number one ground video you can see mangled metal that was a black honda accord and you cannot tell likely from this video because of the damage but the
6:35 am
honda was hit as it crossed broad street right in the path of the large chevy trailblazer. video number two sky fox video taken right after the crash the in the 10:00 o'clock hour too dark to make out much but trailblazer has massive front end damage. the driver finally stopped caught and custody and plainclothes detective with those identified police mark vests. the fact that detectives were at a crash scene tells you they were involved long before this accident. they usually don't respond to traffic accidents. so we're waiting for the mers he county prosecutor's office to tell us why the trailblazer may have been involved in an earlier incident and investigation and also waiting for investigators to confirm why a pursuit may have began but where, and that would tell us for how far and how long and also, the question will be asked, why was police chase not called off and if not, why not and we have many
6:36 am
departments in our area with strict police policies against pursuits including philadelphia's and simple reason is police pursuits put innocent lives in danger more so then whoever they are trying to catch and that may have been deadly result here innocent life lost because of a police pursuit. we will get confirmation soon enough. >> let us know 6:36. police in philadelphia are searching for a man wanted for shooting two women around 11:30 last night. police responded to north 15th and west huntingdon street. both women this morning are in stable condition. no word what led to the shooting. detectives in bucks county are trying to figure out what caused a two-year old boy to be shot in the the chest, and killed inside of this home. the initial call was that the toddler shot himself, well, his father, nicholas weilly, was also inside that house. meanwhile neighbors say the
6:37 am
incident should have never happened. >> there is no reason to have a gun anywhere, that any child could get a hold of. >> we're not in the roughes area of philadelphia and even then you should not have a gun by your bedside or anywhere a child could get. >> police say father is cooperating with the investigation and no one has been charged. happening today president obama is coming to town. >> expect traffic delays in about 20 minutes they will shut down parts of the kelly drive, around the art museum as the president makes a campaign stop in front of the art museum. >> if you may be confused it the is near 2:00 this afternoon why they are shutting things down early, dave kinchen is here to explain why. >> reporter: that is where the setup is. traffic will change dramatically. where we are right outside eakin oval, there is philadelphia police on the scene here, u.s. secret service here as well dealing with this slotted preparation
6:38 am
for president's visit. this is opened to the public. hillary clinton's campaign asking people to rs vp on line. president obama will rally with supporters of hillary clinton who is of course taking time off to recover from pneumonia. this is video of the president and former secretary of state together at the dnc in july, of course, right here in philadelphia. this will be the first time that the president will campaign for clinton on his own, a rare situation in politics. clinton's campaign says obama will talk about the high steaks in this election with a major voter registration effort considered key. critical for the clinton/kaine ticket to see. clinton lead in pennsylvania by six points in the real clear politics average of polls. pardon the noise. as we come back live here president obama will speak around 1:45 at eakins oval. this opens up to the public starting at 11:15 but people
6:39 am
are asked to rs vp before they make it out. back to you it is free if you rs vp. >> you have to rs vp for something that is free. >> that is what we're told. >> you can get a head count knowing who is all coming. >> i think there will be a big crowd, weather is nice all the way down the parkway. donald trump is in our area, he will be heading to aston delaware county for a private meeting at the aston community center. that event is scheduled for 7:30 tonight. we know donald trump will have a policy discussion with stake holders there, and county officials say they are working on having a public trump event, next week, so he is coming back. ncaa decision to pull all championship torn there. north carolina a big basketball state has spark a war of word between ncaa and the state of north carolina,
6:40 am
why some lawmakers are calling it irrational. we have a crash. >> lets take a live look at that 76, eastbound, those lanes, ease bun lanes are closed due to an accident there, near girard. >> right at girard. >> we will have an update after the break. >> coming in the city. buy online. ready in an hour. weren't you it. staples. make more happen.
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welcome back at 6:42. sky fox over the scene of this nasty accident shutting down the eastbound lanes of the schuylkill expressway. as i told you a few moments ago. there is a car that is wedged between this tractor trailer and concrete barrier. what we're seeing here are rescue crews trying to get that person/persons out of that vehicle. bottom line is philadelphia fire fighters have all eastbound lanes blocked. it is a rescue operation at the moment. that is bringing traffic to a grinding halt eastbound coming into philadelphia lets go to the jam cams which will take you back, is there the scene there. that is your eastbound side. westbound is keeping with a gaper delay and thinks causing domino effect here in center city. folks trying to get out of town jammed up as well. we are looking at a one hour delay, already coming into philadelphia, on the
6:44 am
schuylkill expressway. now in 15 minutes, it will get even worse. because alternate for that schuylkill closure is kelly drive and martin luther king drive and at 7:00 both of those drives will be detoured off and pushed away from the art museum all because of the presidential visit, taking place today here in philadelphia. no access from the drives to the art museum circle, eakins oval or entire ben franklin parkway. folks leaving the house, schuylkill is an hour and never make it to the kelly drive by the time they close that down. so again an extra doughnut, jumbo coffee or thinking about working from home this morning. the another problem is regional rails. we are back to square one. the 18 cars that were reprepared and put in service are back in the garage so septa says that there are fewer cars a cross the board on all of the lines, expect crowded trains and delays on
6:45 am
the regional rail lines. but at least we will have sun, right. >> well, that is only thing that isn't a mess this morning is the weather cooperating with nicely even with a few clouds that made for a beautiful sunrise this morning. the weather headlines, mid week heat we have one day special tomorrow of temperatures in the 90's and then that cool change coming on thursday. big question mark on the weekend rain if it happens it would be second half of the weekend. now lets get into more detail, nothing to show you, on ultimate doppler radar. not yet. but looking at future cast. we have a cold front. about 7:00 o'clock we have a few showers popping up, mostly north and west of the city, things will dissipate by the time they will get to philadelphia and south jersey especially buzz keep an eye out on that. tonight will be another beautiful night, especially as we get another win against pirates. 80 degrees at game time for phillies. sunset time is official at 7:12. first pitch at 7:05.
6:46 am
expect a nice evening overnight. in the 60's right now in philadelphia, 55 in allentown. fifty-eight in lancaster. wildwood we have 59 degrees. the that is where we are starting off. we are in the mid 80's. we will go with ten again. humidity uncomfortable, tomorrow with a high of 91 degrees buzz 79 on thursday gives us a nine out of 106789 looks great friday, most of saturday but we will cloud up on saturday and we will see what we can do with those showers and then are storm possible object sunday. a major move by ncaa, to pull all championship events from north carolina that is because of the state law down there, passed targeting lb gt communities and lauren johnson has all of the details. >> that is right, decision will affect 7 ncaa rights, and the events, moving out of the
6:47 am
state are the first and second round of the division one mens basketball tournament, part of the road to the final four. fewer sports, fewer fans which equals a loss of millions in revenue for the state. ncaa mentioned a few laws in north carolina as ground for pulling athletic events. the public rest room restriction force transgender people and another law to allow governmental officials to deny services to people. ncaa president mark everette issued this statement. we believe in providing a safe respectful environment and committed to providing the best experience, possible, for college athletes, fans, and everyone taking part in our championships. north carolina g.o.p. responded to that, saying that this is so absurdities almost comical. under ncaa logic colleges should made cheerleaders and football player share bathrooms, showers and hotel rooms. it is latest backlash. earlier this year, it the
6:48 am
cost the state 2017, nba all-star game. dozens of companies have, pulled their businesses out of the state costing millions in investment. ncaa says it will continue to evaluate locations for future events, which will be required to provide information, now, about local anti discrimination laws. >> well, we will take those tournament right here in philadelphia, how about that. >> darn right. >> send them our way. >> thanks, lauren. u.s. news and world reports the big magazine has released top colleges and universities and it is only 2016. >> schools throughout the delaware valley are on the top of the list. >> as always. >> out of the 310 schools, the university of pennsylvania is, tied with duke university as number eight, for providing outstanding education to student. >> yes good st. joseph's university came in at number 11. >> that is pretty good. >> rowan university ranked number 20. rutgers university camden campus ranked 32. national champion villanova, came in at number 50. >> rowan over there in
6:49 am
glassboro, nice showing by them. >> we have a nice showing for all of our schools in the area. >> you darn right. >> we have had a couple interns, do a very nice job for us. coming up in an hour or ten, 15 minutes libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson will join us here in the studio. if you have a studio question for him get on twitter. is what your hand will. >> alex holley fox 29. >> do you know what i am, i'm mike, simply mike fox 29. >> how about that. >> yes good that is simple. >> we don't need your last name. >> everybody knows you. lets get over to this crash over by the zoo, another live look at 76. >> there is a backup. >> oh, no. >> look to the right, they are turning around, going back down the on ramp, this is a live look at the schuylkill at the montgomery avenue on ramp because we are shut down at
6:50 am
girard, a parking lot. >> you know had i would do, i would jump over to kelly drive. >> they have closed the kelly drive, in ten minutes. >> i'm going to yum seven over to mlk. >> close that in ten minutes. >> you have no options. >> lets go back home. >> i'm going home. you shouldn't be turning around on a on ram good tell the boss you will be late. >> this stinks all the way around, there is in way out. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the
6:51 am
sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices?
6:52 am
when it comes to risking social sepat toomey wrote the book. .. "i'm...i've got a whole chapter in my book where i... specifically lay out how i think we should... reform social security." toomey's plan requires wall street and bankers to manage... the accounts. collecting fees out of your social security that could... total billions. fees they collect, even if the market crashes and... seniors lose everything. pat toomey's looking out for wall street, not pennsylvania. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
6:53 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. hey, i sent a to text yesterday to quincy harris, after his show and said for a debut program, a that was a home run. over the park. >> it was amazing, it was great. >> so this is a look at the q debut yesterday. >> yes. >> it is taking over the delaware valley. >> the roots were special guests, how cool is that. everyone in the crowd went home with ticket to see beyonce in concert. not just one but two. >> that was a cool moment everybody in the audience gets to see beyonce. >> at first just a couple people. then he said hold on here.
6:54 am
then they all start screaming. >> almost like a oprah moment. >> yes, you get a ticket, you get a ticket. >> yes. >> when is that september 29th. >> september 29th. >> thursday night. >> are you taking friday off. >> i am. >> i am i don't even have tickets yet. >> just in case. >> don't ask me it is sold out, i didn't get a chance to be in the audience. i missed my opportunity. wonder what he is giving away today. >> you and i went to the last beyonce concert. >> i did invite you. it was a wonderful time. you left as soon as she got in stage. >> i got you down in the front row he left when beyonce got on stage. >> i had to go home and go to bed because we had to craft this wonderful program called good day philadelphia this program called good day philadelphia listen to this fish face. >> you have to retire that phrase. >> there is a woman that got the hit in the face with a fish face. >> she's literally a fish face. >> i will be out of town on the 29th. >> have you sent in a vacation
6:55 am
request. why do you keep broadcasting this to every would than this is third time. >> i'm not here to get you in the the beyonce concert. >> all right. >> you could have told me that in the commercial break. >> you want to broadcast this out to everybody. >> have you put in your request yet. >> i have no secrets. >> i have it returned. >> you got approved. >> i'm still waiting for some requests to be approved. >> i'll talk to the boss. >> tonight on america's got talent, i'm rooting for john, you will see john dorenbos is going for one million-dollar prize. >> can the eagles, can they win and then jon win, too many wins in a week. >> i say yes. >> our long snapper john dorenbos you see in the blue sweater, tonight finally, tonight right there in front of the simon. he does magic, of course. >> the best comedy comedy mixed in. >> he is competing with nine others including a 12 year-old girl and here's the thing do you think people will say
6:56 am
she's 12, she's cute, let's give to it her. >> i think he should crush her. >> what? >> no. >> no. >> you know how that goes, this is a little girl. >> she's cute. >> she has plenty of time unless she's from our area then i'm rooting for her. three and a half minutes away from road being shut down around the art museum. >> get ready for president obama coming to town today, dave. >> set up continues here, in the meantime here at eakins oval and traffic will change dramatically we will tell you about that later in the program what president obama will be saying to supporters of the hillary clinton as he tried to get out the vote, mike and alex. >> here's the problem we are shutting that down in three minutes. that was alternative for people stuck on 76 near girard where no one is moving. that was alternatives are now all blown away. to they have gonna way. so what do you do? well only one person has the answer, bob kelly.
6:57 am
next. //>[a5df]
6:58 am
6:59 am
police pursuit turns deadly in new jersey when a car slams into another vehicle. investigation on right now. we're on it. plus, two major campaign stops in our area today, first it is president obama, campaigning for hillary clinton here in philadelphia we will tell you where you can see him.
7:00 am
then donald trump makes a stop in delaware county we will tell you where you can see him. both visit, could impact, the morning and evening commutes. and hillary clinton's health still in question. she's taken a break from the campaign trail as she recovers from pneumonia. is she being judged unfairly because she's a woman? scary moments for ryan lochte on dancing with the stars. >> hey, backup, excuse me. >> reporter: the protest, that caused the show to abruptly cut to a commercial break. >> dope i show that is but people love it so i won't say anything. we have what you call grid will be in our city of philadelphia. >> yes. >> it is more than just grid lock because we have grid lock with no other options, bob. >> yes, we have options. >> there are options.


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